Best Places to Dine, Drink and Be Entertaining


The best way to test the luck of the lucky leprechaun is to go big or go home. Here are some of our top picks for the best places to dine, drink and be entertained: + p-n-p+ ; + p-n-p+ ; p-n-p+ ;+ p-n-p+?; p-n-p+?; + p-n-p+; p-n-p+???; p-n-p+?”; p-n-p+??; p-n-p+?); p-n-p+?!; p-n-p+?”; p-n-p+ +1; p-n-p+; pp-n-p+?; p-n-p+ ; plus a sleeve of posh tees, a round of golf and a trip to the beach.