Business News

Business news is a subsection of the financial news genre and covers all topics related to the business world, including commerce, economics, finance and more. Many different publications feature business news, including newspaper and magazine articles, television and radio broadcasts, and websites. The field of business news is extremely vast and encompasses a wide variety of industries, from retail to technology to manufacturing. In addition to news about specific companies, businesses and the economy as a whole, business news often covers specific topics like business management, HR strategies, leadership development and more.

Historically, the term “business” has been used to refer to an organisation that engages in commercial activities with a view to making profits. This profit could be in the form of direct cash or indirect benefits to society such as employment opportunities and increased productivity. Most businesses are privately owned, although some may be publicly listed. A business can be run for profit or for social purposes and the structure of a business may vary depending on the desired outcome. For example, a for-profit business may return all profits to shareholders, while not-for-profits invest all profit in achieving stated goals or improving infrastructure.

The most common sources of business news are newspapers and magazines, both in print and online. These publications cover a broad range of topics that impact the business world, from global economic issues to corporate scandals. Almost all newspapers and magazines feature a section dedicated to business news, though some may focus on it more than others.

Business-focused trade publications are also a good source of business news. These publications often focus on a particular industry, and will provide news that is pertinent to that sector. The Library of Congress offers a number of trade publications on microfilm and in the print collection.

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