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Whether you’re researching a business opportunity or looking for information about a new industry, the Business News Resources guide is a useful resource. It includes a variety of information and resources, including a list of press contacts in EU institutions, a business directory, and customized news feeds to keep you up-to-date on the latest business news.

The Business News Daily newsletter is a leading resource for startup businesses and early-stage entrepreneurs. With articles written by staff writers, business owners will learn how to better manage their human capital, improve communication, and build workplace culture. Similarly, the 40 under 40 Awards, hosted by Business News, are a celebration of young entrepreneurs who have achieved great success in their industries.

In addition to the Business News Daily, Business News also provides a weekly podcast, At Close of Business. These are free to download and offer valuable insights into the latest business trends. The site also delivers two free Daily Business Alert emails a day to subscribers. A subscription also gives readers full access to the site’s article archive and a monthly list of the top eight articles of the month. The company’s Success & Leadership breakfast series features high-profile Western Australian business leaders. Likewise, the Book of Lists is an annual business listing for Western Australia.

Eric Noe is editor-in-chief of the Business News Daily and leads the editorial content operations. His fifteen years of experience working in the digital content world has included managing digital content teams in traditional media and startups alike. He has also worked on social impact campaigns and brand-building content partnerships. Those efforts were the obvious forerunners to the content strategies that he has implemented at Business News Daily.

The Business News Daily team has some of the best minds in the business. These individuals are highly trained and incredibly knowledgeable about their fields. They are experts in the creation and delivery of compelling content, as well as the management of complex multi-thread projects. Their work has been recognized by several organizations, such as the American Association of Museums, the Institute for Public Relations, and the Peabody Award. Those are just a few of the honors that they have received.

Other members of the team include Katelyn Andrews, who is a content marketing specialist for the site. With a decade of experience working with small business owners, she has become an expert at uncovering the types of content that business owners are searching for. She has also spent the last five years of her career focusing on search engine optimization, and has done a ton of research into the types of small business content that is most useful to the average business owner. She also teaches high school students about social media and its benefits. In her spare time, she likes to hike and play guitar.

Other employees include Cassie Knudsen, who is in charge of the Marketing and Growth initiatives at Business News Daily. She has a background in digital marketing, analytics, and public policy. She works cross-functionally to optimize revenue and ensure stakeholder alignment. She is also an avid guitar player and listener to audiobooks.