Keeping Up With the Latest Business News

A business is a commercial or industrial enterprise that aims to make a profit by producing goods and/or services. It can also be considered as a particular industry in which you operate, for example “the music business” or a specific type of activity like farming or car manufacturing e.g. “the automotive business.” Business news is news about the financial and economic activity of businesses, including companies, investors and other people. It is most commonly published in newspapers and magazines, both print and online. You can find both general and industry-specific business news sources, although the latter tend to focus on news that affects their specific sectors.

As well as business news, there is also a wide range of information that can be classified as being financial news. This is news that covers any issues relating to money and investments, whether it be good or bad for the economy and investment results. It can be delivered in a variety of ways, such as articles, charts, videos, podcasts and broadcasts, and it can cover topics from individual stocks and shares to global market trends.

Keeping up with the latest business news is crucial for all types of organisations. Whether you are a small business owner trying to manage your company’s finances or an investor who is looking for new opportunities, being aware of the latest developments can help you make better decisions.

This guide was created by the specialists in Business Reference at the Library of Congress. While it strives to include all major international business news sources, you may need to employ more specific search strategies in order to locate regional or national business news sources not included in this guide. For additional assistance, please contact the Business Reference Desk.

The definition of ‘business’ can vary depending on who you talk to, but it is generally accepted that a business is an organisation that produces and sells products or provides a service for profit. This can be a standalone operation or it can be part of a larger corporate structure, such as a partnership or corporation.

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