New Issues News for Lawyers

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Throughout this year, Bloomberg Law has launched a number of new products and resources to better assist lawyers. These include new resources for litigation, practical guidance, and international trade. These tools are designed to help attorneys learn about recent developments and stay up-to-date with key topics and trends. In addition, Bloomberg Law’s Antitrust Practice Center has been reorganized and streamlined. There are now more focused areas of coverage, including a new Antitrust Fast Answers section, which provides focused answers to important questions.

In addition to new practical guidance, Bloomberg Law has also added a new reference library with more than 40 books and additional topics. The library includes titles from leading publishers such as ABA, LexisNexis, and James Publishing. There is also a new tile for references on the Litigation Intelligence Center that includes links to manuals, Health & Welfare Plans, and other reference materials.

Bloomberg Law also has enhanced its docket search functionality. Users can now select a topic to search the dockets by. This will allow users to more quickly identify cases that may interest them. For example, users can filter the dockets by agency, case type, or summary documents. For cases with dockets, enhanced docket alerts will surface key information about the case, including the major causes of action, if any, from the headings of complaints. These alerts will only appear on alerts that are scheduled to occur hourly.

In addition to the practical guidance available through Bloomberg Law’s Labor & Employment Practical Guidance Library, practitioners can now find a dedicated page on Addressing Workplace Bias & Discrimination. The page provides comprehensive guidance for practitioners, including a sample policy, overviews of the issues, and professional perspectives. The page also features a curated chart builder display, which shows employers and employees how to address discrimination in the workplace. This page is available on the Practical Guidance homepage and on the Labor & Employment Practical Guidance Library.

Bloomberg Law has also launched a new podcast series, Black Lawyers Speak. The series includes interviews with lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals to provide an insider’s view of the practice of law. It also provides firsthand insight into law firms’ efforts to attract diverse attorneys.

Bloomberg Law has also enhanced its International Trade Practice Center. The page has been refreshed and is designed to make it easier to find content. The homepage now features a curated search for federal regulatory developments and state legal developments. The page also includes a filtered stream of Bloomberg Law News. It includes links to secondary source materials and resources, including the Practical Guidance page for Federal Transition Issues: Health. The page also includes a map that provides a consolidated view of protections at the state level.

In addition to the new tools and resources, Bloomberg Law has launched a new reference library for Benefits & Executive Compensation. This library includes benefits overviews, executive compensation plans, and retirement plans. There are also additional topics, including the tax issues surrounding NFTs and decentralized finance.