What is a Daily News Article?

A daily news article is a newspaper piece that contains information about current events. These articles can include information about politics, sports, and business. Most newspapers also include a section for human interest stories. These are stories about people who have had unusual or interesting events in their lives. These articles can be a very interesting read for people.

The New York Daily News is one of the most famous and influential newspapers in the United States. The paper was founded in 1919 and is based in New York City. It has a long history of being involved in controversy and scandal.

During the 1920s, the Daily News expanded rapidly, reaching a million readers daily. This was partly because the paper used large and prominent photographs and focused on more sensational and titillating stories than its competitors. It was also a favorite among commuters, as the tabloid format was easy to carry and navigate on the subway system.

By the 1970s, the Daily News was in a fierce circulation battle with its rival New York Post and had lost much of its popularity. It was at this point that the paper launched what became its most famous headline ever – “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” The screamer came after President Gerald Ford delivered a speech vetoing a bankruptcy bail-out for New York City.

The Daily News was bought by controversial British media mogul Robert Maxwell in 1991. Maxwell was also the owner of the Daily Mirror, another tabloid that competed with the Daily News for readership. After purchasing the newspaper, Maxwell fought hard to keep it alive, bringing an end to a 147-day strike by striking Daily News employees.

In the late 1990s, under the leadership of new editors-in-chief Pete Hamill and then Debby Krenek, the Daily News developed a reputation for protecting the First Amendment and the rights of those who were perceived to not have a voice in New York City. The paper won Pulitzer Prizes in 1996 for E.R. Shipp’s pieces on race and welfare issues, and in 1998 for Mike McAlary’s coverage of the Abner Louima police brutality incident.

Today, the Daily News continues to have a strong presence in the city of New York, although its circulation has fallen substantially since its mid-20th century peak. The paper still covers intense city news and has a robust entertainment and celebrity gossip section. It also maintains a popular comics section and a comprehensive sports section. In addition, the Daily News owns a television and radio station, WPIX-TV and WPIX-FM. Both of these stations are based in the same building as the newspaper on 42nd Street, an official city and national landmark designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. (The building was the model for the Daily Planet building in the first two Superman films). The newspaper is now owned by Tronc, a Chicago-based media company. The paper has an online version as well. The Yale Daily News Historical Archive provides digitized copies of printed editions of the Daily News from its founding in 1878 through 1995.