What is a New Law?

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A new law is an official rule that governs behavior within a society or country. It comes from a process where people propose ideas, debate them, and then agree on one idea to adopt as a law. Laws are also known as statutes and can be created by Congress, other legislative bodies, or the courts.

A bill is a proposed law that can be introduced in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Once a bill has been introduced, it is assigned to a committee where members will research, discuss, and change the bill. Then, the bill is put before the chamber to be voted on. If the bill passes, it will then go to the other body to undergo a similar process before becoming a law.

Federal laws are made by the United States Congress. These laws are published in the United States Code, a series of books that contains all the rules and regulations of the Federal Government. The laws are also published in the Statutes at Large, a permanent collection of all the laws passed by Congress and included in the United States Code.

New York State laws are made by the New York State legislature and periodically codified in the New York Consolidated Laws. The State also publishes a separate set of rules for its courts called the Rules of the Courts of the State of New York. These rules are based on the Constitution and other laws passed by the State. In addition, the State courts frequently issue decisions on legal questions which are binding upon other courts.

Local laws are made by city councils and other municipal governments. These laws can be found in the City of New York Administrative Code and often regulate things such as building codes, licensing of certain business activities, and more. The City of New York is a highly populated city and these local laws help to regulate the needs of its residents and businesses.

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