What is Law New?

Law new is an official rule or regulation passed by a legislative body such as Congress. It may also refer to a new bill or piece of legislation that has been introduced into either house of the legislature.

Law is a complex concept. Philosophers and lawyers have debated its nature over centuries. Utilitarians such as Bentham define it as “commands, backed by the threat of sanctions, from a sovereign to which people have a habit of obedience”. Natural lawyers, including Rousseau, argue that law is based on innate and unchangeable laws of nature.

After a committee has drafted a bill, it must be passed by both houses of the legislature to become law. The bill is then sent to the Governor who has 10 days to sign it or veto it. A vetoed bill can still become law if the two-thirds majority of both houses vote to override the Governor’s veto. The bill’s committee report is an important part of the legislative history of a law and is used by the courts, executive departments, and citizens to understand its purpose and meaning.